Who we are

Proficient Training for English (PTE) is a language and training institute par excellence that opened its doors in the UAE. Everyone is gifted to become a guide for themselves and empower everyone around for a better future.

Knowledge is Wisdom, acquiring knowledge is a steady journey to be successful. Language is communication, at PTE we spread knowledge of languages to mold our students into future leaders.


What we do

At PTE, we take gratification to ensure our students develop strong communication skills in English and French. Our experts have delivered exceptional results for IELTS, IELTS UKVI, TEF, PTE & CELPIP.

PTE is devoted to making everyone’s dream come true, whether it be an education abroad or successful immigration or maybe just straight A’s in their next exams; all of their ambition matter to us and we are there to make them a reality. we aim to focus on main areas of international education:

  •  Test preparation
  •  English proficiency classes
  • Foreign language proficiency classes
  •  Educational consulting

 In addition, we are aware that success in any endeavor is an attitude game, and doing well in standardized tests requires soft skills that are usually neglected in traditional education settings. Hence, we offer all our students workshops from time to time on various relevant topics.

We specialize in IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, TEF, and language courses. 


We offer programs in the following modes:

  •  Class-room training program
  • Group training
  •  Personalized one to one training
  • Hybrid training (a combination of group classes and individual sessions)
  • Virtual training program (Live-on-line)
  •  Large-Group training
  • Small-Group training
  •  Personalized one to one training
  •  Customized training program

Hybrid Training Program

Combination of the virtual and classroom training program

Admission into all test preparatory classes is based on an assessment test followed by a consultation and curriculum specific strategies.

Why us !

We continuously strive to offer our students a very different and unique experience of test preparation, and we take a holistic approach to achieve that goal. Some of the aspects we consider crucial are:

  • Well designed and customized training program and curriculum
  • We emphasize enhancing skills rather than simply delivering information
  • We do not focus on learning rules; rather, we challenge our students to build critical thinking
  •  We schedule and follow a rigorous blend of classroom teaching, regular assignments, and mock tests we offer intense course preparation
  • We keep our batches the right size to ensure the required personalized attention
  • Our trainers are also mentors, our module is designed to give one-on-one attention to students giving them space & time to seek clarification from the designated expert, thus annihilate their shortcomings and let them grow all dimensions.
  •  We focus on the overall skills needed to achieve success in test preparation, rather than solely on the hard skills
  • Our preparation techniques take on a gradual process of enhancing accuracy, understanding parameters, and then improving scores all of which indispensable steps in reaching their set goals.
  • We are excited and grateful every time we are given the opportunity to mold an individual to attain his or her most valued goals.


At PTE, the trainers and counselors considered everything. Their passion ability to solve problems through creativity, unmatchable dedication, and focus to provide the best in test preparation guide has been proven with a great track record over the years.

PTE trainers and counselors take a perfect approach to assist clients/students become better decision-makers, and have a “bring out from within” approach to helping candidates create new opportunities for themselves, in line with their deeper aspirations.

 At PTE imparting knowledge, disseminating information, and making students excel is supreme. We understand and recognize that what clients/students really need is to acquire or enhance skills that they can later replicate, so our teaching is not about learning rules, but developing expressive skills that can then be transferred to all paths of life.

These skills can be the skills of listening, reading comprehension, compositions, and communication but also the soft skills of efficient time management, quick and effective learning, choosing a focused strategy as well as steadily oversee their emotions in their approach. We know success is most often an attitude game, so we also focus on helping our clients build the confidence they need on the way to fulfilling their vision.

Learn Something Every Day

We are dedicated to not only guide the students to properly identify their career goals, as well as design and make them follow our proven strategies towards achieving their goals. Empowering them to establish a stronghold in the desired language. By providing them the tools necessary to communicate in diverse affairs, they become agents of sharing knowledge and contribute to adding value to other people’s lives.