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“To have another language is to possess a second soul.”
 – Charlemagne

Learning languages are lifelong assets! Our specially designed learn French Languge online for beginners course is just what you need! French is a widely spoken language by 300 million people in over 42 countries. 

We comprehend the uniqueness and hindrance every non-native French speaker experiences at the beginning of the learning process. To tackle such a situation, we have structured our courses which employ enjoyable teaching methods, especially for beginners. 

We believe a language is not merely learned but discovered, grasped, respected, and to be celebrated. French learning not only brings you new language skills but also represents you on a global platform allowing you to have a competitive advantage. Learn this romantic and most fascinating language with the level of your choice and begin your ‘French with fun’ journey anytime and anywhere you want!

Learn with us: 

We, considering your circumstances, provide you a professional consultant to understand your exact needs and accordingly suggest a perfect course from beginner to master. Our courses are structured based on difficulty levels set by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Beginners can benefit from our basic courses (A1, A2) specially designed for them to make their Learn French language  experience very productive and invigorating. 

Those who already acquire basic language skills and now seek to take a step towards proficiency are encouraged to enroll for intermediate (B1, B2) or master (C1, C2) depending upon their language proficiency evaluated by our experts. Joining us will assure you a complete learning program with everything you need to take your French learning experience to another level!

Discover with experts:

To make your learning adventure more real and fruitful, learn with the topmost certified trainers for a better understanding and resourceful analysis of your progress. French writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills are exclusively amplified under our expert’s counseling.

Fun exercises: 

Say goodbye to boring conventional learning methods, we understand language apprehension and follow interesting yet beneficial teaching techniques. We employ word games, tongue twisters, homonyms, debates, Impromptu speaking, fluency tests, storytelling, and many more. We ensure that you comprehend the soul of a language and be able to converse in the same. We put forward a quick and fun-loving exercise to perceive language understanding and interpretation in one go.

Flexible timings: 

We understand the strenuous and swarming nature of your schedule and minimum accessible time. Our program gives you complete control of your French class timings according to your convenience. 

Genuine efforts: 

Working in the same field for years has allowed us access to various types of aspirants, personalities, their needs, and progressive techniques, giving us an upper hand in the French learning industry. We aim to be a part of your lifelong French language skill by providing you a memorable and advantageous learning journey. We guarantee you an advanced grasp of the Learn French language and offer you our unfeigned attention to reach your needs.

Exam benefits: 

After completion of your selected course, we offer internationally recognized certificates. Basic and advanced understanding of French will allow you to admit for various international certification exams including, ECL, DELF/DALF, TCF/TEF. 

TEF test consists of five tests inclusive of oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, written expression, vocabulary, and syntax. It is a required test for aspirants aiming to begin their journey in a French-speaking country. Our courses help you in crossing this benchmark of exams to let you reach the country of your dreams for either study, professional career, or immigration purposes.  Our course also benefits school students appearing for different board exams.

Study from our designed material: 

French aspirants must learn a language with elegance and perseverance. The elegance of your language comes with appropriate pronunciation and experience. With trainers & advanced learning strategies, we try making your learn French language online expedition worthwhile. you also gain access to complementary French class study material along with recorded audios for enhancing your conversing skills. 

Discover yourself

PTE provides French classes in Dubai to deliver high quality and customized services for great experience of learn French online. Start with our French language course advanced and specialized courses, you can achieve your dream of becoming a translator or certified trainer or can take different immigration tests. Immigration and citizenship of Canada (TEF Canada), emigration to Quebec (TEF Québec – TEFAQ) are some of the vital French language learning for immigration purposes. We aim to play a predetermined role of guides to make your long journey uncomplicated and productive.

You have innumerable career opportunities by learn French Language online, and if not, you have an asset to which you have access for a lifetime! This time, do not avoid your passion and interests, do not lose this opportunity of learning something new, for knowledge is never wasted. Seize this moment and make a choice. Hurry up and take your free trial classes today!