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IELTS is an English comprehension test for candidates who wish to either study or work in major English-speaking countries. It’s a standard test for checking on your English language skills. IELTS is categorized into two types IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training aka IELTS GT.

Why is the IELTS general training test important?

IELTS General Training is a must if you want to

  1. Immigrate to an English-speaking country 
  2. Pursue education below university level 
  3. Work or attend work-related training programs

Is IELTS general easier than IELTS Academic?

Without a doubt, IELTS GT is easier than IELTS Academic. In the reading section, IELTS Academic consists of 3 long and complex passages while the IELTS general has relatively short and less complicated texts. GT in IELTS differs in the reading and writing section than the IELTS Academic test. For example, in the IELTS general training writing section, a candidate is required to write a letter suitable for a given situation whereas an IELTS Academic candidate receives a graph hence he/she needs to describe it in a minimum of 150 words.


IELTS general is marginally easier than IELTS Academic. Due to different types of aspirants there exists a slight difference in respective demands. IELTS follows a standard nine-band system. One is considered to be poor at English and nine is the most fluent.








Analysis of candidate’s ability to interpret audio clips and express themselves in writing.





Evaluation of candidate’s capability to understand encountered text and answer accordingly.





Assessment of candidate for his/her ability to express their point of view, develop an argument or write a letter in at least 150 words

Band system



Evaluate candidate’s English fluency and conversation skills


Band system


Understanding the test format, one could say as the first step towards your success in IELTS.

How should I prepare for IELTS?

Preparation of IELTS requires strategic studying, constant practice, and expert guidance. We provide aspirants with everything they need regarding complete prep for the IELTS test including sample papers, resourceful study material, complete and productive analysis of performance, evaluation of strengths and weaknesses by our certified IELTS prep experts.

Amongst many platforms offering the same structure and course, why choose us

Many might offer an IELTS preparation course but we realize that at every step of progress you require not just a plan and material but also motivation, self-confidence, implementation, regular improvement, right navigation, and guidance by an experienced specialist. We stand out from our competitors by immense experience, resourceful material, qualified and certified expertise, and our fundamental principle to focus on an aspirant’s needs and contentment. 

We aim to contribute to bringing your dreams into reality by providing you with an appreciable amount of practice, enumerable questions, knowledgeable data, expert advice, and a helping hand at every single step of your success. We perform weakness deliberation, discussion on progress, and ensure ascendancy and enhancement of your skillset. Our team of experts is always motivated to help and guide IELTS aspirants to reach the country of their goals. 


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