Are you ready to take your TEF ( Test d’Evaluation de Français ) the French language test? Want to immigrate through TEF Canada, but juggling with TEF test scores? With consistent practice and in-depth evaluation by our experts, your dream of acing TEF is just a few steps away. 

The TEF language test scrutinizes your spelling, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of French. With critical analysis of exam patterns and techniques, it is also important to have the guidance of an authorized professional to pave your way to success. Under the guidance of our TEF test licensed trainers, we provide you a conscientiously designed plan for your betterment.

Know the right TEF test format

TEF language test consists of five tests including oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, written expression, vocabulary, and syntax. Various TEF tests are structured for different types of aspirants such as 

  • students looking forward to studying in France (TEF Études), 
  • candidates seeking French nationality ( TEF naturalization) or 
  • French resident card (TEF Carte de résident), 
  • people applying for immigration and citizenship of Canada (TEF Canada),
  • emigrants to Quebec (TEF Québec – TEFAQ). 

Considering a candidate’s requirements and goals he/she can attempt any version of the TEF test.  


What are the tests in the TEF exam?

  • Written comprehension (1h)
  • Listening comprehension (40 min)
  • Vocabulary and Structures (30 min)
  • Written expression (1h)
  • Oral expression (35 min per candidate)




TIME (minutes)

Written comprehension

(MCQ based)

Assess candidate’s ability to understand written content. 



Oral comprehension

(MCQ based)

Examine candidate’s language interpretation by listening to audio of spoken French. 



Oral expression

Evaluate ability of candidate to make a conversation

Section A

Section B

A – 5 min

B – 10 min

Written expression

Test the ability of candidate to convey himself in French by writing.

Section A

Section B


Vocabulary and Syntax 

(MCQ based)

Inspect capability of candidate to use French vocabulary and grammar suitably and accurately.



In a certain type of TEF test, a single session is sufficient even though other versions require one to one informal discussion to evaluate aspirant’s language fluency.

Do I need to give all tests while appearing for the TEF exam?

You can appear for the tests you wish to take depending on your goals. Some tests are mandatory while some are optional. For example, 

  • TEF Études – For this, a candidate must appear for all tests except oral comprehension.
  • TEF Naturalization- For this, only oral comprehension and oral expression are to be attempted.
  • TEF Carte de resident- The vocabulary and syntax section is not to be taken in this.
  • TEF Quebec – If you wish to have the nationality of Québec you must appear for all tests.
  • TEF Canada – For immigration purposes, you’ll have to attempt all the sections except for Vocabulary and syntax. For citizenship purposes, only oral comprehension and expression sections are to be taken. 

How are the TEF scores given?

The test score is revealed based on 7 levels. 0 is the least competent, and 7 is expertise. Sometimes a different scale referred to by the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is used, which is a six-level scale from A1 to C2.

How can I attempt the TEF test?

You can attempt the TEF test in two ways. It is available in paper format (TEF) and computer-based online format (e-TEF). You are allowed to undertake a TEF format of your choice.

When do I get my TEF certificate?

You will receive your TEF certificate within the first 20 days after your test attempt. You may acquire it from the respective TEF test center.


For how long TEF certificate is valid?

Once you acquire your TEF certificate you can successfully use it to fulfill competency requirements within a period of two years.

How many times can I attempt TEF?

There is no limitation to attempts for the TEF test although there must be a gap of 2 months within successive attempts.


 Sample Questions:

Reading Expression

Vocabulary and Syntax


  • Thoughtfully structured tests and study plans

  • Guidance by exam specialist

  • Easy to use program

  • Exam-pattern based approach

  • Detailed and reliable study material

  • Multiple mock tests 

  • Thorough analysis

  • Competitive pricing 

  • Testified results

We aim to provide a complete course for TEF aspirants considering the exact necessities of the test. Not only do we provide you with a precisely designed study structure but we also aim to amplify your overall French skills by working on your weaknesses, providing expert advice, careful analysis, and a bunch of practice tests.

                                                         Your present choices will benefit your awaiting future.

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