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Top 10 Tried & Tested Tips to Score 79+ In PTE Writing

Are you struggling with PTE writing preparation? Are you confused about where to begin with PTE writing? PTE exam is a fairly important test for foreign universities. Beginners often find it overwhelming to start their PTE exam preparation. Say no more! We brought you the top 10 writing tips that have been tried and successfully tested by the victors of PTE 2021. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Take Typing Tests

Since PTE is a computerized test and time incentive, typing speed is an important measure. A faster typing speed can save up to 50% of your time. Start working on your typing speed to be extra swift during your test.

2. Adapt Paragraphing

No matter what, paragraphs would never go out of fashion. Embrace paragraphing while progressing with your PTE writing essay.

3. Save Time For Thinking

Don’t use all your time typing alone. When you’re presented with an essay topic, take two minutes to yourself and think it out. Structuring your essay design in your head is better than rushing to get it out on paper.

4. Be Just Perfect Amount Of Complex

Yes, you want to use complex sentences and words, but they should not hinder the process of comprehending. Keep your sentences simple and easy to understand. But a little complex word here and there (aka show off your vocab, but not too much) won’t hurt either.

5. Few Words; Full Essence

The first writing task would ask you to summarize a given paragraph into one sentence (5-75 words).

You should invest more than 50% of your time in understanding the paragraph completely. Once it’s done, you need to craft a single sentence that would comprise the essence of the paragraph.

This can be done by noting down all the keywords and ensuring all these keywords are included in your summary. Don’t forget to use connectors too!

6. Toughen Up Your Vocabulary

 Vocabulary has an allotted score. If you are preparing for PTE or any English test, learning new words is a must. Using a range of potent words sets an impression about your language.

7. Know What You Are Getting Yourself Into

The only way to achieve this is through mock tests. If you have practiced summarizing paragraphs and writing essays, no one can stop you from being confident. When you have practiced enough, there is no room for surprises in a real exam.

8. Have A Control Of Your Essay

This may sound silly, but many candidates write huge essays that miss the original topic.

When you are writing, there are a pretty good number of chances that you would allow flow to take over. And flow writing often deviates you off the topic. Be aware of what your sentences mean when you write them. Continuously remind yourself to stick to the topic and avoid irrelevancy.

9. Learn Art of Conciseness

You have only 200-300 words to write your essay in the PTE exam. Make sure to make most of those words and deliver the content within that limit. This can be achieved successfully with practice. If you get accustomed to fitting your topic in the given word frame, there’s no stopping you from achieving PTE test success.

10. Maintain Your Tone

PTE exam essays are usually written in formal language. Using any kind of slang and shortcuts (e.g., msg instead of the message) would not leave a good impression on your essay.

These were just a few tips from the hundreds which our PTE experts deliver. Although, all of our experts believe that the important key to success in PTE remains ‘practice’. And to accomplish this our PTE Institute experts have exclusively designed student & budget friendly PTE courses with test series and mock tests with one on one analysis.

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