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Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Improve Your PTE Score

Are you worried about your PTE test score? Do you think the PTE exam needs a lot of preparation to get a 70+ score? Don’t sweat, we are here to care for all your PTE worries. PTE needs smarter work than sheer hard work. And how do we do that? Here we go! Let’s walk through the topmost smart, effective ways to skyrocket your PTE test score.

PTE aka Pearson Test of English is one of the most widely accepted English tests. It is accepted by universities in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and more. PTE exam format is designed to test your English skills in writing, reading, speaking, and listening. So, the goal of doing well in PTE preparation would be to master every English skill, and here’s how:

1. Strive For Vocabulary

When it comes to vocab in PTE preparation, no effort is enough effort. Spare no limits to learning more words, idioms, and phrases to broaden your vocabulary.  Some easy and doable tips to strengthen vocabulary would be:

  • Listening to podcasts that focus on teaching new words and phrases for easy communications is a great way to improve vocab. One of such podcasts here is great and easy-going even for beginners. You can listen to these podcasts while doing your daily chores or even traveling, if multi-tasking is your thing.
  • Keeping a diary of new words is another way to navigate your progress with words. Keeping a diary would allow you to return to your previously learned words and help revise.
  • Never let a word go without understanding its meaning. Say if you are reading a book and come across a new word, don’t read ahead without quickly googling its meaning. You can even scribble down the new word in your diary for future use.
  • Playing word games is another modern way to learn new words and keep up with transforming vocab.
2. Get “Ear-Ready” for PTE preparation

PTE test listening section usually comprises recordings where the speaker talks British and or American English. Even though the language is the same, both accents differ greatly, and here’s how you can get acquainted with both of them.

•          Podcasts can come to your rescue yet again. Choose two podcasts of your favorite genre, one with an American speaker and another with British. You can choose these podcasts or audio books as per your choices, whether it’s sports, spirituality, storytelling, or science. As long as you get exposure to both accents, you’re ready to crack PTE listening.

•          Watch movies, series, or interviews to get more used to the way American and British language is spoken, so when you listen to PTE exam audio recording, it wouldn’t be the first time you hear that accent.

3. Write For PTE Effortlessly

Writing for PTE can come up as a tedious task, but once understood and practiced, it can get you a pretty good score. Make sure to keep your writing colorful in ways that you use articles, phrases, idioms, and complex sentences in the right places.

Keep your language formal, but readable. Include paragraphs in required places, and avoid using bullet points in essays.

4. Read Questions First Paragraphs Later

The reading section is by far the most score-able section due to its inclination towards objective questions. So how do we crack it? Let’s see!

  • Before reading the text, skim through questions, so when you return to the text, you know what you’re looking for.
  • Beware of grammar and vocab, although objective, this section requires proper grammar.
  • Practice synonyms to relate questions with text.
5. Score And Unscored Tests

In the end, there is no secret to success. Unless you bent your head and put efforts down, no magical potion will serve success on the plate.

As for the PTE, mock tests are a must. You may begin practicing with unscored tests to practice with PTE format, but before the real test, you should practice with scored tests to see how prepared you are.

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